The World Has Changed. So Should the Way You Watch TV.

Whether it is a good thing or not, life is becoming less structured. Working structured hours in an office or cubicle is becoming less and less common. I for one, have not set foot in an office for months. Nor, have I punched a clock or filled out a time card for some time now.


Technology is allowing me, and so many others, to work from wherever I decide to be. I can be at home, in the parking lot of my child’s school waiting for a school play to start, or under a tree at my favorite park.

However, for many of us, technology is also making it impossible for us to clock out after work. Meaning that whether we have a desk job or not, many of us have lost the life structure that our parents enjoyed while they were raising their family. 

I do not know how you do it, however, I would go crazy if I didn’t have my androidtvaustralia. Between that box on my tv and my smartphone, I don’t have to worry about some cable company deciding what I am going to watch and when. Life no longer moves at the pace it did when cable companies started providing services.

Regardless if you use androidtvaustralia or some other box to connect your tv to the internet, viewing videos, movies, shows, or documentaries is so much easier when your viewing world centers around you and your schedule. I literally would go crazy if I did not have the ability to watch my internet tv whenever and wherever I wanted.

When my life is pulling me in too many directions, I connect for just a few minutes to watch my favorite show. Maybe I only have time for 15 mins, or maybe I can binge for a few hours, regardless within minutes my worries are gone. Well, maybe not gone, but instead of being worried about finishing my next job assignment or whether my child will make the basketball team, I am worried about whether my favorite character will find out the truth or not during this episode.

And, when life demands that I turn off the tv, my little escape allows me to focus on what matters without all the tension I was feeling before.