Fun Ways To Get Out With Your Toddler

Kids have a lot of energy, and they need to escape the house once in a while just as much as you do. If you’ve got your boys or girls pushchairs, the desire to have fun, and love your kids, then you’re already all set to head out.

Here are a few things you can do to get outside with your toddler. All are good for boys and girls. Pushchairs, however, will be needed to get the most out of your fun day.

1)    Try the park. Seems too simple, doesn’t it? But, have you ever taken a kid to the park and they’ve sat there bored? I haven’t! There are trees, flowers, playthings, and lots of dirt to explore! Whether it be making leaf prints on paper with crayons or just playing on the swings, the park can be a few hours of fun, and at no cost. Consider packing a picnic, which will excite your kiddo even more. Let them help you pack it up, or choose a fun snack to take along.

2)    Many tourist attractions have kid’s areas. There is probably a farm somewhere close that allows the kids to touch or feed some animals, ride a pony, and learn more about their furry friends.

girls pushchairs

Another option would be a children’s museum, which usually has hands-on exhibits, or the zoo, which is not only full of animals, but sometimes has trains or other interactive rides and exhibits.

3)    Look for a berry or fruit farm, where the kids can pick strawberries or blueberries. Then, take them home for a smoothie!

4)    The library is so underrated. If it seems boring, think again. There are normally scheduled hours that the library staff read to small children and do small activities. Sometimes there’s even food or free toys. And, you can check out a few age appropriate books to take home.